VidiU Mini - Quickstart

Attach your VidiU Mini to your camera using the included hot­shoe mount.

Power on the VidiU. The ring of LED’s will indicate that the device is powering on.

Connect your Camera source to the VidiU Mini using the included HDMI cable.

Now that your VidiU Mini is receiving video, let’s connect and configure.

Today we will be using our iPhone.

Download the VidiU app, available for free in the App Store.

From here, you will need to setup your internet connectivity.

You have two options for internet connectivity - using your phone’s hotspot or connected to a WiFi network.

Today, we’ll connect to a pre existing WiFi network with internet connectivity.

Make sure your device is set to the WiFi network you wish to connect.

Go to settings > Network and choose your network.

Now, let’s connect to your VidiU Mini via Bluetooth.

Make sure your Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device.

Open the VidiU app and select your VidiU Mini under Bluetooth devices.

You are now connected to your VidiU Mini.

In the settings menu, enter your WiFi network information.

Click done.

Now, select your VidiU Mini from WiFi devices.

Your VidiU Mini now has internet connectivity.

Let’s set your streaming destination.

VidiU Mini is natively integrated with a handful of the most popular streaming services

available. For those not natively integrated, you can manually connect as well.

Today, I will stream to Ustream.

Enter your username and password.

Choose your Channel.

Start broadcast.

You are now live!

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