Supported USB to Ethernet adapters


USB to Ethernet adapters allow an Ethernet connection (e.g. local network connection through a cable modem or DSL line, or an Ethernet interface to a BGAN terminal) to be used for streaming to Sputnik as part of a bonded connection.

The same limitations regarding Captive Portals that may be present on the wired network also apply to this type of connection; please see this article for more details.


Supported Devices

These adapters are only supported on the following products:

  • Bond
  • Bond II
  • Bond Pro
  • Link

The following adapters are supported:

  • Apple: USB Ethernet Adapter (MC704ZM/A)
  • Linksys by Cisco: USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (USB3GIG), USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter (USB300M)
  • Monoprice: USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter (Low Power), using the ASIX AX88772A chipset with USB VID 0B95 and PID 772B; other brand adapters with this same ASIX chipset should also work
  • Moshi: USB to Ethernet Adapter 




  1. adapters in italics have not been directly by Teradek in house, and were reported as working by customers
  2. other USB to Ethernet adapters using an ASIX chipset may work, but have not been tested by Teradek
  3. USB to Fast Ethernet adapters are preferred; to date, no USB to Gigabit Ethernet adapters have been tested and verified as working
  4. if you've verified an adapter as working that's not on this list, please email with information on the manufacturer and specific model and part number so that it may be added to this list



  1. In the Configuration section for the USB port where you will use the USB to Ethernet adapter, change the drop-down selection from Auto to Custom, then click Edit to open the pop-up configuration dialog
  2. Change the Mode to Ethernet and options shown in the image further below will appear
  3. In the IP Address Mode field, select DHCP Client or Static depending on the requirements of the network that is being used. DHCP Client should be used for connecting to most routers or access points. If Static is selected, you will need to have IP address information provided by the IT staff that manage the wired network being used
  4. The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) value may be changed from the default value of 1400 if required by the network; you may leave this value at its default in most cases
  5. When you have finished configuring the network options, click the Set button to close the pop-up dialog box
  6. Click the Apply button on the main USB port configuration page for the product
  7. Wait 15 seconds before inserting the USB to Ethernet adapter. If you are making changes to an existing Ethernet adapter configuration, remove and re-insert the adapter after applying the changes


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