ShareLink Setup

Today we will go through how to set up ShareLink for your VidiU Pro so you can go live anytime and anywhere.

My VidiU Pro is already powered on and set to AP mode, and my iPhone is connected to the VidiU’s network

Please refer to our Sharelink Overview tutorial to review the differences between using VidiU Pro in AP mode vs Client mode

Now I’ll open up the VidiU app

After connecting to the device, click Settings > ShareLink > Learn More/Purchase Plan

From here you can select the plan you would like to purchase. If you stream multiple times a week, Unlimited is the best option for your needs, but if you are only streaming a few events a month, Basic is all you will need

Next, enter your name, your email which will be your new Teradek ID, and your password

Enter your Credit Card information

And finally, confirm your purchase.

It will take a few minutes for your new account to be recognized, but once it is you can click the Link My Phone button in the bottom of the app on your iPhone.

You are now ready to go live using ShareLink!

Hit the green button to start your stream!

You are now Live!

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