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How to Perform a Firmware Upgrade on Bolt 4K Monitor Module (TX and RX)




  • Joe V

    (Hoping feverishly that I'll get a fast reply to this one)

    What happens if the power runs out during a firmware update for the module via the Cine7 SD card? Started with a full 45wh battery, and the update is stuck at 50% by the looks of it. Im afraid that Im gonna brick the module when the battery runs out in 1.5 hours.

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  • Sherwin L

    Any response to the person above?  I have the same issue...Bolt 4K module on my 702, doing the firmware update, and it's been stuck at 50% for at least 30 minutes now. I have a 98wh on it and I think it might have a couple hours on it left.

    @Joe V, did yours ever finish? How long did it take?

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  • Joe V


    It didnt finish and the power ran out (it should go pretty fast though - when it works). However, neither the cine7 or module were bricked.

    Its not quite clear what seemed to be the error, but after I rebooted the monitor the modules first software component had upgraded - or atleast the software had the new firmwares number, wether it was successful or not is beyond my knowledge - but the second (I think the radio controller or something) hadn't. I could upgrade the components individually though (just deselect one of the other when trying to update). However, something was still wrong with the combo, and it's to this day not quite clear what was wrong.

    Basically, the monitor didnt accept the HDMI signal when it was connected directly from the module, but it accepted the connection if I plugged the HDMI from the module to another monitor, and then looped the signal back to the cine7s HDMI in...

    After lots of experimenting, myself and the service center narrowed the problem down to the monitor, and they found that my cine7 had a different variant of the motherboard, which they replaced and now the picture works.

    I still dont have full functionality like metadata from the HDMI, nor can I select the fan option "OFF WHEN RECORDING", but atleast the image works. Gonna get back to the service center on monday and see if they can look at it again.

    Dont know if it'll be the same for you since we have different monitors, but here's to hoping.

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  • Sherwin L


    Thank you so much for that! I upgraded each component separately and was able to update both in less than a minute.

    Sorry to hear you've got those issues, I'll have to test the signal issue then.

    Thank you for the quick reply!

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