Sphere app displays "No Stream License Found!"

The Sphere app can display the following error if you attempt to send a live stream:

"No Stream License Found!" Please add a Streaming License to your Sphere Device."


This can occur for the following reasons:


1) streaming license not purchased


If you purchased a Sphere with just the Monitoring package (and not the Monitoring + Streaming package) your Stream won't be able to send out streams.

Please see this article for additional information. 


2) streaming license purchased but not installed on the Sphere


The Sphere license must be installed on the Sphere using (a) the Teradek Sphere app, or (b) using a web browser to access Encoder 1 in the Sphere, as described in this article.


3) license installed / no streaming destinations defined

This error can occur if no streaming destinations have been defined in the Sphere app when you try to stream.

A future update of the Sphere app will clarify this prompt and indicate that a destination must be created, rather than referencing the streaming license.


4) license installed / rig opened too quickly


This can occur if the rig is selected on the initial screen after launching the Teradek Sphere app and you press Play.

When the Teradek Sphere app first loads the list of rigs on the network, it communicates with the Sphere to check the license status. If the app doesn't receive a response before the Play button is pressed in the app, it will report that no license is installed.

As a workaround: force close the Sphere app, then re-open and wait on the rig selection screen for 10 seconds before selecting a rig and pressing Play. 

This issue will be fixed in a future update

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