Connecting 2 Sphere units to the same router for multi camera rigs

Up to 8 camera sources can be stitched together using (2) Sphere units.

Each Sphere has (2) 10/100 Ethernet network ports.

Both ports on the Sphere act like a network switch, so you can daisy chain a second Sphere through the first Sphere using those ports, or you can pass through and connect additional network devices like a Wi-Fi access point.

In this type of setup, only a single network port is required on the original router or Wi-Fi access point and the two Spheres (and any additional devices) all receive access through that same port.

A sample configuration is described below, refer to the Sphere User Guide to match the letters used on the port labels.

CAUTION: do not turn on the PoE switch on either Sphere in this configuration! Refer to this article for additional information.

  1. Connect a LAN port on the router to the Ethernet LAN port (H) on Sphere 1
  2. Connect Ethernet / PoE port (G) on Sphere 1 to the Ethernet LAN port (H) on Sphere 2
  3. (Optional) Connect additional network devices to the Ethernet / PoE port (G) on Sphere 2. The PoE switch should only be turned on for compatible equipment, refer to this article.


Router <---> (H) Sphere 1 (G) <---> (H) Sphere 2 (G) <---> Additional devices


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