Enabling the High Quality Mode setting on Bolt 600 / 2000 TX units

The High Quality Mode setting is available in Bolt Manager 3.2.2 or later versions, and only applies to 2nd generation Bolt 600 and Bolt 2000 units.

It does not apply to 1st generation or 3rd generation Bolt units.


High Quality Mode is disabled by default.

High Quality Mode can be enabled if artifacts are visible in complex, high contrast scenes that include fine detail, such as camera calibration charts.

However, enabling this mode could potentially affect the range or performance of the Bolt system when there are multiple Bolt systems in use, or other sources of interference in the same unlicensed 5 GHz frequency range used by the Bolt.


To change the High Quality Mode setting:

1. Connect the 600 or 2000 TX to Bolt Manager

2. Select Settings > Select High Quality Mode, and choose Off or On

3. Once the setting is applied through Bolt Manager and the dialog box appears, power cycle the TX unit


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