How to dim or turn off the OLED front panel display on the VidiU

The front panel OLED display on the VidiU and VidiU Pro can be set to dim after a specified time frame, or it can be turned off immediately.


To adjust the timeout settings for the display, use the black Menu joystick to select System Settings, Display Settings, Dim, and choose from Never / 1 minute / 5 minute / 10 minute / 30 minute / 1 hour values.


To immediately turn off the display, your VidiU must first be at the home configuration screen where it shows the streaming platform icon and device status.

  • To turn off the display, press and hold the black Menu joystick to the left for 2 seconds, then release. Select Yes when prompted, or select No to cancel and leave the display active.
  • To turn on the display, quickly press and release the red Start/Stop joystick or the black Menu joystick in any direction.



Applies to:

VidiU (original)

VidiU Pro

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