Cube 600 Series: Bonding with Cube 655

The Cube 655 allows streaming up to 6 devices to Core in the following configurations:

  • Wifi, Ethernet, USB
  • 4 iPhones, Ethernet, USB Modem

Sign into the Cube Web interface by entering the IP address of the Cube into your web browser.


  • Sign into Core on the Cube 655 by clicking the Cloud Services
  • Connect your Wifi to a wireless access point, your ethernet to wired internet connection, and a USB modem.
  • Cube will automatically start Bonding any available connections as appropriate.

Bonding with iPhones

  • Sign into Core on the Cube 655 by clicking the Cloud Services.
  • Disconnect any ethernet or modem devices.
  • Make sure the Cube 655's Wifi is set to Access Point Mode, preferably in the 5 Ghz Range.
  • On your iOS Device, download the Teralink app from the App store.
  • Once you have the application, join the Cube 655 access point and open up Teraview.
  • Click on the encoder and the phone will ask if you want to share your data.  Click Yes.


  • Turn the iPhone to "Do Not Disturb" Mode.
  • If the phone gets turned off, you get a phone call, or need to go to another app, you may have to tap unlink first, and then link your phone again.
  • If you are only using a single iPhone, it's better to use the iPhone in hotspot mode and connect the Cube 655 to it.


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