Live:Air Solo : text may not appear in Twitch Live Chat window


  • Live:Air Solo app for iOS, version 1.7.0 or earlier




The Twitch Live Chat window can appear empty even though messages are being sent on the channel.

This issue can occur in the following conditions:

  1. An older version of Live:Air Solo was installed and used with a Twitch account.
  2. An upgrade to a newer version of Live:Air Solo was performed with the in-app purchase option for Twitch Live Chat.
  3. The in-app purchase was subsequently made for Twitch Live Chat.



This issue is being examined by our engineering team and will be included in a future release of Live:Air Solo. A workaround is listed below.



Any one of the following methods will force Live:Air Solo to log out and re-authenticate with your Twitch account, and to request permissions to show the chat during the authentication process:

1. Open Live:Air Solo, log out of your Twitch account, then log back in to your Twitch account.

2. Force close the Live:Air Solo app (home button twice, then swipe up on Live:Air Solo). Open the iOS Settings, scroll down to the options for Live:Air Solo, select Reset User Database on Next App Launch. Open Live:Air Solo, restore purchases if needed, then log back in to your Twitch account.

3. Force close the Live:Air Solo app. Delete the Live:Air Solo app, reinstall it from the iTunes store, then open Live:Air Solo and restore purchases. Log in to your Twitch account.



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