Do Teradek products support Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections?

Teradek products do not have a built-in VPN client, and cannot connect directly to a VPN server.

However, Teradek products can be used to stream over VPN connections which are created by routers or other VPN-aware devices.

In this case, the Teradek encoder or decoder is unaware of the presence of the VPN connection.

There are two general suggestions when streaming over a VPN connection:

  1. The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) setting on the Teradek product should be reduced to prevent unnecessary fragmentation within the VPN tunnel. Extra overhead is added by the VPN encapsulation, so the MTU should be reduced to account for this overhead.
  2. The use of a UDP-based VPN is preferred over TCP-based VPNs, especially if using a TCP-based streaming method (RTMP, MPEG-TS over TCP, or RTSP/RTP interleaved over TCP) is used within the VPN tunnel. TCP retransmits occurring at the VPN layer could affect and cause TCP retransmits within the VPN tunnel, affecting stream throughput and video quality.


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