What is the warranty on used / secondhand purchases, or from unauthorized sellers?

Teradek's standard warranty only applies to the original purchaser of products obtained (a) directly from Teradek, or (b) directly from an authorized Teradek reseller.


Authorized resellers are listed in this article, and can also be confirmed by contacting Teradek.


Warranties are non-transferable between customers and are only applicable to the original customer who purchased the products.


Third party resellers / auction sites

Products sold as "new" on Amazon, eBay, or other marketplaces are only covered within the standard warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller of Teradek's products.

Products sold as "new" by resellers who are not authorized by Teradek, or from individuals on auction sites like eBay or forums like Craigslist, are not covered under the standard Teradek warranty.



Used / secondhand items

Products sold as "used" from any source (Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, direct individuals, etc.) are not covered under the standard warranty.

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