Using the micro USB port to charge the battery on 2nd generation Cubes

The micro USB port can only be used for charging the internal battery on 2nd generation Cube ("x55") units.

The micro USB port cannot be used for any other purpose, including but not limited to:

  • powering the Cube exclusively from a USB / 5 Volt power source
  • performing firmware updates in either the standard mode (device is booted normally and streaming) or in Recovery Mode
  • accessing the device's Web User Interface
  • providing USB or serial-based configuration / control of the device
  • connecting to USB modems or USB storage devices
  • charging external devices (such as a phone) from the Cube's internal battery, or passing through power from the Cube's external AC adapter


When a USB power source is connected, the "EXT PWR / USB" LED will illuminate on the Cube near the power and video connectors.

If the internal battery is not full, the "BATTERY / CHG" LED will also illuminate while the internal battery is being charged.


NOTE: the micro USB port accepts 5 Volts, while the power input range listed on the chassis of the 2nd generation Cube is 6 to 28 Volts.

The Cube draws more power than is able to be provided on the 5 Volt / 0.5 Amp max input on the micro USB connector. 

Therefore, charging a Cube through the micro USB input will increase the amount of time it can run off of the internal battery, but the Cube will eventually drain down the internal battery because the charge rate is slower than the drain rate.

Once the internal battery is depleted the Cube will immediately shut off.

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