In-App Purchases for Live:Air


Free Version

The free version of Live:Air allows up to (2) Teradek encoders or iOS devices as sources, and up to (2) graphic overlays to be used in a live broadcast.

  • Live broadcasts are limited to 30 minutes before the stream is stopped.
  • An embedded Teradek watermark is applied to the stream.

The following in-app purchases extend the functionality of Live:Air.


Basic version (US $49)

  • Removes the embedded Teradek watermark.
  • Removes the 30 minute broadcast time limit.


Upgrade to Pro version (US $49)

  • This upgrades the Basic version to the Pro version, and allows all Pro version functionality as described below.
  • NOTE: this purchase should only be used if the Basic version was originally purchased, otherwise you can directly go from the Free to the Pro version.


Pro version (US $99)

  • Includes all features of the Basic version.
  • Allows up to (4) Teradek encoders or iOS devices as sources with up to with 1080p video
  • Use of picture in picture, multi-view and chroma keying.
  • Supports audio over Lightning connector (allows use with professional audio interfaces).
  • Use of Bluetooth Controller
  • Access to the Pro Features


Pro Features

Once the Pro version has been purchased, additional in-app purchases are unlocked.


RTSP Sources (US $99) : allows you to pull RTSP streams from IP cameras or encoders such as Axis cameras.

NOTE: be sure to test this capability with your intended RTSP cameras/encoders to ensure compatibility before you purchase this upgrade. 

Recording (US $49) : allows you to record the program stream for archiving and post editing.

Instant Replay (US $49) : allows capture and display of recent video footage.

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