Reporting issues with time code or record flag transmission on the Bolt


All Bolt systems (except the 1st generation Bolt Standard) can transmit certain SDI metadata including time code and record flags.

  • For 2nd and 3rd gen Bolt RX units with a built-in OLED display (Bolt 600, Bolt 2000, Bolt 1000, Bolt 3000) the time code and record flag indicator will be shown on the built-in display.
  • For 2nd and 3rd gen Bolt RX units without a display (Bolt 300, Bolt 500) the time code and record flag indicator are shown in the OSD text output by the Bolt RX to a connected monitor




Time Code

Most monitors have settings that select which time code to display. There are LTC (line 10), VITC1 (line 9) and VITC2 (line 571) time codes.

  • The Bolt should always always insert VITC1 and LTC time code.
  • When an interlaced video signal is being transmitted, the Bolt will also insert VITC2 time code.

If your monitor is not displaying time code from the Bolt -- but the Bolt is indicating the correct time code on its display / OSD output -- try changing the monitor / recorder settings to look for different time code options (LTC/VITC1/VITC2).

The Bolt RX will output time code when using its built-in test pattern generator, so this can also be used to check a monitor or recorder with different time code options. 


If you're unable to receive time code or record flags through the Bolt system, please provide as many details as possible using the below list as a reference.

1. identify the generation, model, and firmware versions (including the Controller and Video Processor) reported in Bolt Manager for both the Bolt TX and RX. The firmware versions are shown in Bolt Manager by selecting Upgrade > Advanced Options, then taking a screen shot of the Current Version and New Version columns.

  • if other Bolt generations or models do work in that same setup, indicate the generation and model of those devices


2. for the equipment configuration which is not working, identify:

  • the make/model of the video source
  • the firmware in use on the camera / video source
  • the video output format being used (1080psf23, 1080p24, etc.)
    • if certain video output formats do allow transmission of time code / record flags, indicate those modes
  • the monitor / recorder which is not recognizing the time code or record flag
    • if certain monitors or recorders do recognize time code / record flags, indicate those devices
  • any specific mode settings on the monitor / recorder


3. identify any items which may have changed in the setup from when it was previously working, for example:

  • firmware updates or setting changes on the Bolt TX or Bolt RX
  • firmware updates on the camera / video source
  • firmware updates or setting changes on the monitor / recorder connected to the Bolt RX
  • new equipment added, or previous equipment removed
  • changes to equipment cabling for video inputs and outputs
  • changes to video output formats from camera / video sources


4. Finally, test and determine if:

  • the Bolt TX is passing time code / record flags on the SDI loop out connector
  • the Bolt RX is showing the time code or record flag indicator on its built-in OLED display (600 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000 RX units) or on the OSD text on a monitor




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