Understanding the difference between "Pairing" and "Linking" a Bolt set

Although the terms are similar, there is an important difference between "linking" and "pairing" with Bolt TX and RX units:

  • pairing is a process that permanently associates an RX with a particular TX, and this pairing will persist across power cycles of the Bolt TX and RX units. 
  • linking is established when the TX and RX units are powered on and successfully find each other to allow wireless video transmission.


Each Bolt RX will always attempt to create a link with its paired Bolt TX when the devices are powered on.

This difference is especially important for troubleshooting purposes, so when contacting Support please be sure to specify if you're having difficulty in the pairing process between the Bolt TX and Bolt RX, or if the Bolt set is able to pair but is having trouble linking.

Also include a description of any error messages that are seen on the Bolt RX, or the monitor connected to the Bolt RX.

Below are some general items which can prevent successful pairing or linking:



  • Mis-matched firmware versions or region settings
  • Incompatible Bolt units
  • Wireless interference



  • Mis-matched internal firmware settings
  • Wireless interference


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