Using an external video camera source in Live:Air or Live:Air Solo

Live:Air and Live:Air Solo can use external video cameras as a streaming source when they are combined with a compatible Teradek encoder.

This includes sports / action cameras such as GoPro or Replay XD, consumer- or professional-level camcorders, or Digital SLR / DSLR cameras.

NOTE: DSLR cameras are not typically recommended for live event production -- refer to this article for additional information.

The following are required to use an external camera as a source:

  1. the physical video output from the external camera (HDMI or SDI) must be connected as input to a compatible Teradek encoder
  2. the Teradek encoder must be configured to use the Live:Air streaming mode
  3. the Teradek encoder must be connected to the same network as the iOS device running Live:Air or Live:Air Solo
  4. the network must allow communication between the Teradek encoder and the iOS device -- refer to this article for for additional information



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