Audio Support on Lightning Adapter


Live:Air can support audio over Lightning using professional level usb devices.  Typically these devices need to support Apple Core Audio without drivers.

We've tested with a Behringer Uphoria UMC204HD. However, If the device works on Garage Band on the iPad without any drivers, it should work with our device.  One customer noted that the Tascam iXR worked really well with Live:Air.


You will need

  • Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
  • For USB powered interfaces
    • For Single USB Plugs
      • USB C to Lightning Cable (for USB Powered Devices)
      • USB C power adapter (29 Watts or More)
    • For multiple usb devices (ie with an Apple Ethernet Adapter)
      • USB Hub with at least 3 Amps of power (enough to power your device)
  • Core Audio ready audio interface


Single Interface

Attach the USB Camera adapter to the iPad, attach the power adapter to the Camera Adapter and then plug in the Audio interface.

Dual Interface

Attach the USB Camera adapter to the iPad and attach the USB Hub to the Camera adapter.  Plug in Apple Ethernet and the Audio interface into the USB Hub. Ethernet should show up under Settings.


Once you have everything plugged in, open up Live:Air and add the iPad camera.  Click the Audio Tab and make sure Mixer mode is selected. At this point, you should see "iPad Camera + <your device name> on the  fader.  Below the fader, click the button that says "On if Live" so that it says "Always on."  You'll now be able to use the audio without using the camera.


  • Do your due diligence for audio quality by monitoring the feed on your audio interface.  The headphone port will be disabled when the lighting audio is engaged.
  • Live:Air supports the first two channels as a "Stereo input" at this time, channel selection is not supported.




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