Which Bolt units are capable of sending SDI metadata (time code / record flags)

The following Bolt models are capable of limited SDI metadata support (time code and record flags)

  • 1st gen Bolt Pro
  • 1st gen Bolt 2000 TX* (hardware refresh / updated model)
  • 2nd gen Bolt 300
  • 2nd gen Bolt 300
  • 2nd gen Bolt 600
  • 2nd gen Bolt 2000
  • 3rd gen Bolt 500
  • 3rd gen Bolt 1000
  • 3rd gen Bolt 3000


* NOTE: only the refreshed hardware TX model with a serial number starting sequence of 981xxxxx can support this functionality.


The following Bolt models are NOT capable of SDI metadata: 

  • 1st gen Bolt Standard TX / serial number starting sequence 700xxxxx
  • 1st gen Bolt Standard RX / serial number starting sequence 705xxxxx
  • 1st gen Bolt 2000 TX (original model) / serial number starting sequence 768xxxxx
  • 1st gen Bolt 2000 RX / serial number starting sequence 769xxxxx
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