Fixing Pairing Issues

You will need the Bolt Manager found here.

Note: Once this process is started, please do it all the way through. It is designed to be completed in full and stopping partway will cause issues until you finish it.

  1. With the USB unplugged, turn on your TX unit.
  2. Plug the USB into your unit and into the computer and open Bolt Manager.
  3. Select the appropriate device when prompted (Tx is transmitter and Rx is receiver).
  4. In Bolt Manager, go to the Status tab and click Send Message.
  5. Send the message "storagerestore", without quotes.
  6. Once the message sends, go to the Upgrade Tab >> Go to Advanced options and load the latest firmware from the web.
  7. power cycle the TX unit
  8. on the Settings tab, click Select Region and select USA
  9. Repeat the process on the RX
  10. Retry pairing.
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