Restoring in-app purchases on Live:Air or Live:Air Solo

If you previously made in-app purchases within Live:Air or Live:Air Solo and those in-app purchases are no longer visible, it could due to the one of following:


  • The app was updated
  • The app was deleted and re-installed
  • The app was reset to defaults using the option under the Apple iOS Settings
  • The app has been installed on a new iOS device
  • The email address associated with the iTunes / Apple ID has been changed


Restore Purchases Procedure 

1. Please see Apple's guidelines on restoring in-app purchases to make sure all of Apple's requirements are met:


2. If all Apple requirements have been met, use the the Restore Purchases option within each app:

  • Live:Air: tap the white gear icon at top right to open Settings; under General select Pro Features, then tap Restore Purchases
  • Live:Air Solo : tap the blue gear icon at top left to open Settings; under General select Extra Features, then tap Restore Purchases


All corresponding purchases that have been purchased with that the iTunes ID should be restored.

Teradek cannot block the restoration of any purchases from within the app as that's all handled by Apple's infrastructure.


Alternative Re-buy Procedure

3. If the purchases are not restored to the app with the Restore Purchases procedure listed above, and you have confirmed that all requirements were met, you can tap to select each in-app item that was previously purchased and "buy" it again.

The app should display a prompt indicating that you have already purchased the item and ask if you would like to get it again for free.

Once this is completed, the in-app purchase should be restored.


Continued Problems with Restoring Purchases

If you are continuing to experience issues regarding an in-app purchase, please send the following to

1. a screen shot of the error message when you try to restore purchases

2. a screen shot of the purchase confirmations for the in-app purchases. Purchase history can be obtained with these instructions from Apple:

3. the iOS version on the device, and the version of the Live:Air or Live:Air Solo app

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